NW8L piardopofdm/gARIM station available for testing on 10.135 (USB dial)

Bob NW8L


In testing here the ardopofdm TNC from G8BPQ seems compatible with ARDOP_2Win 2.0.4 and ardop2, so now I'm running it on the air on 10.135 USB dial for testing. In the evening I'll move it to 7.110 if band conditions warrant it. gARIM and the TNC are running on a Raspberry Pi 3.

ARIM or gARIM work fine as a test harness for the TNC. ardopofdm introduces a new command, ENABLEOFDM, used to turn the OFDM feature on and off. This can be done in ARIM by sending the command directly to the TNC at the command prompt, using the ! (bang) prefix:


if you want to experiment. You can also control the ARQ connection bandwidth with the "arqbw" command in gARIM and ARIM, see their respective help files:

File transfer in ARQ sessions with OFDM enabled seems snappy enough in bench testing with back-to-back soundcards, but I'm hoping to get some over-the-air experience, please try it out if you have the time.


Bob NW8L