ARDOP Chat v2.03 inconsistency

Gary E. Kohtala

Perhaps nothing significant but I noticed that in the ARDOP Chat v2.03 SETUP, there are ARQ Bandwidth selections of 200, 500, and 2500. In contrast, the ARQ Call dropdown produces a long list:  200max, 500max, 1000max, 2000max, 200forced,500forced,1000forced, 2000forced. There is no 2500 in the ARQ Call dropdown. If I go back to v2.03 SETUP and select 2500 for an ARQ bandwidth then 2500 appears in the initial ARQ Call dropdown, but is not there if I further expand the ARQ Bandwidth dropdown in ARQ Call.   I am unsure of the significance however this may somehow be responsible for the inability to connect and exchange data in 2500.  Perhaps something got lost and this can be a simple fix.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK