Ardop 1.0.4 AMSAT QO100 - Help

PR8KW - Gustavo

Dear Ham Friends, 

From few days ago IS0GRB start a Winlink server with RMS Trimode on Satellite QO100.

For the Moment Jose EA5HVK, modified the VARA HF to VARA SAT and it's working good.

We like also to implement ARDOP, but we are getting problem with Satellite Delay to connect.

I am not programmer, but on Ardop 1.0.4, I already was able to increase TX Interval from 2000ms to 4000ms, now Server Modem have time to reply connection request, but my Client Modem can't decode reply, I think still have many timing problems, some times was decoding my echo, in MAIN.ProcessCapturedData, increase intRecoveryCnt from 0 to 10, now not receiving my tx echo on watterfall, but still not decoding server reply.

Help are welcome.

Find project forum.

73 de Gustavo PR8KW


Has there been any progress on ARDOP for satellite?